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24 July 2006 @ 08:44 pm
Andrej Milholan - Character profile  
Name: Andrej Milholan (an-DREY mill-HAUL-an)

Age: Seventeen and a half

Seme, uke: He's not exactly sure (he's had dreams and fantasies of both)

Special talents, abilities: Andrej is very good at categorizing and organizing objects by almost any standard you can think of. He is also very good at cleaning and has no problem with chores like toilet-cleaning and washing dishes. Andrej is skilled in lock-picking from being locked in closets by his older brothers as pranks in his childhood.

Personality: Quite obsessive about tidyness and order, it is one of the few things he is passionate about. When he doesn't succeed in something, he may become disheartened and give up. He likes contact with other people as long as he feels he can be open with them. Andrej believes that family is very important, despite his own attempts to sever ties with his own family. He has a slight fear of women which most likely stems from his overbearing mother and other familial matriarchs.

Likes: Cleaning, travel, ethnic dancing, bar/pub atmospheres

Dislikes: Large messes, dishevled-looking people, having his own idiosyncracies pointed out to him, frogs, snakes

Strengths: Finding patterns in information and objects,

Weaknesses: Small animals (frogs and snakes in particular), coming up with plans, holding an attention span for long-winded speakers, women

Background: Originally from Norway, Andrej lived with his parents, two brothers and sister until the advent of space travel. His two older brothers left the family to become captains of starships (and failed). His second-oldest brother was killed in a mis-managed raid on a passenger ship by the police, which left Andrej bitter and untrusting of organized law enforcement. In a hasty attempt to extend the family and make a little extra money, his father arranged for him to marry the daughter of a Polish politician. Never attracted to girls, Andrej was forced to reveal it at the last minute during the actual wedding. He fled the scene and is on the run, hoping to avoind the wrath of his overbearing mother.

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair the color of soft goldenrod that is usually kept in a short cut reaching the nape of his neck. His brown eyes are most often three-fourths of the way open. He has the odd habit of blinking frequently, which unnerves some people during conversation. Andrej is of average height, about five feet and seven inches, which in an all-male envoronment may seem quite short.

Reason for joining the crew of The Penetrator: To avoid any contact with the Polish government and his parents, Andrej first thought about working aboard a ship simply due to the fact that they're always moving and never stay in one place for very long. Not only that, but the all-male environment was appealing to him due to his fear of women.

Extra Comments: If he makes friends, he may request for people to call him Andy instead of Andrej. It's his unofficial nickname.
teivel_morning on July 25th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
Ah, bad with details apperantly. This is best put on your profile. =) But thanks for listening and doing it so promptly. It's up to you whether or not you just delete this entry since all the info will be posted else where.